Visit My School Library


School libraries are a hub for teaching and learning. They are a source of resources and support that provide a doorway to information. Your library includes print and online resources, access to technology, and staff to respond to the individual needs of visitors. When viewed together: the library, classrooms and online environment make up what is called the Learning Commons.

The mission of this school library is to support the following:

1) Student Achievement - The school library must have a measureable effect on the engagement and achievement of students in meeting ministry curriclum expectations. It must provide a safe learning environment and respond to individual needs.

2) Literacy - The library supports student literacy to both foster a lifelong appreciation for reading as well as to improve achievement. The library collection must be inclusive and tailored to engage students.

3) Innovation - The library provides an environment that promotes unique methods of exploring, communicating and demonstrating understanding. As technology unfolds the library is a place where it is embraced; the entire school community is invited to participate as possibilities are explored and the new becomes familiar.

Our library space is accessible to all. All are welcome. Staff and students utilize the learning environment that is flexible, collaborative, personalized and promotes student achievement and well-being. 

Our library collection is diverse and rooted in literacy, with a focus on materials that represent our school community. Our collection engages students, allowing them to critically question while becoming globally aware. Check out a book in person or virtually.